Student Life

Nourishing Bodies and Minds

At Westside, we take pride in our on-site prepared nutritious meals, available for breakfast and lunch. Our students can savor a variety of healthy options, access personalized meal accounts, and for those eligible, benefit from our Free and Reduced Lunch Program. We promote a healthy snack policy in classrooms and celebrate special occasions with creative, food-free activities. Please note, meal deliveries from outside services are not permitted during school hours.
Encore After School Program

Extended Learning and Fun

Beyond School Hours

Our “Encore” after school program welcomes all enrolled Westside students, providing a seamless transition from the classroom to extended care and enrichment. Available Monday through Friday until 6:00 p.m., we offer the flexibility to accommodate every family’s schedule. Whether you need consistent after-school care or just an occasional “drop-in” service, Encore has you covered. Join us for a safe, engaging, and fun-filled extension of our learning community!
Partnership for Student Success

Family Engagement at


At Westside, we believe in the power of partnership between families and the school. Our dedicated Family Engagement Coordinator spearheads initiatives to ensure parents are actively involved and connected to our school community. Through thoughtful outreach, we strive to support and enhance every child’s learning and development.

Dress for Success

Westside Uniforms

Our students wear uniforms Monday through Thursday to promote a sense of unity and to keep the focus on learning, not clothing. Free-dress days on Fridays add a splash of individuality to end the week. While the Westside logo isn’t required, logoed uniforms are available from selected retailers for those who prefer it. This dress code reflects our commitment to creating an environment where students come together to do important work.
Embracing Team Spirit and Physical Excellence

Middle Grades

Athletics Program

At Westside, we’re thrilled to provide our Middle Grades students with a diverse array of athletic opportunities. Our sports programs are designed not only to promote physical health and teamwork but also to instill a sense of school pride and personal achievement.