Kindergarten – 4th Grades

Kindergarten – 4th Grade

Curiosity and Critical Thinking

Our K-4 curriculum is designed to cultivate curiosity and critical thinking while developing well-rounded students prepared to take on any academic challenge they meet on the road to their goals and dreams. 

Structured Literacy

Westside’s literacy approach is grounded in reading research. K-2 students receive explicit and systematic instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics and develop their comprehension and fluency skills during whole class and small group instruction. Students build their knowledge, their vocabularies and their writing and comprehension skills through engaging content rich curricula. Our teachers use Fundations for phonics, the Heggerty Phonological Awareness Program and the Geodes decodable readers as resources for instruction.

Language Arts

Wit and Wisdom is our core language arts curriculum for building students’ comprehension, vocabulary and background knowledge. Each quarter, students dive deeply into a topic with their class by reading engaging, rigorous and diverse texts, holding lively classroom discussions, and writing to deepen their understanding. Topics range broadly from animal adaptations to Civil Rights heroes. Science and social studies topics are integrated into Wit and Wisdom modules.


The core math curriculum used in K-4 is Eureka Math. Eureka Math builds students’ math knowledge year by year for each grade level. It is a hands-on and conceptual approach to learning math. Students think critically while building math knowledge and skills, developing fluency, and practicing application.

Instructional Tools

In all subjects, our K-4 teachers use a mix of whole group instruction, targeted small group instruction, independent work, group work, and personalized learning through intentional technology use.