At Westside, we’re thrilled to provide our Middle Grades students with a diverse array of athletic opportunities. Our sports programs are designed not only to promote physical health and teamwork but also to instill a sense of school pride and personal achievement.

Seasonal Sports Offerings:

  • Co-Ed Flag Football: A fun and engaging way for students to learn football fundamentals.
  • Volleyball: Our team focuses on skill development, strategy, and teamwork.
  • Cheer: Encouraging school spirit and camaraderie, our cheer squad energizes the crowd.
  • Boys’ Basketball: Building on coordination and competitive play, boys’ basketball hones athletic skills.
  • Girls’ Basketball: Empowering girls through sport, emphasizing teamwork and determination.
  • Track & Field: Challenging students across a variety of athletic disciplines and promoting individual growth.
  • Soccer: Combining teamwork and strategy, soccer at Westside is a beloved co-ed sport.

Our athletic programs are about more than just competition; they’re about building character, enhancing teamwork, and creating lifelong memories. Go, Westside!


  • Basketball

    $ 150
  • Basketball Cheerleading

    $ 250
  • Cheer

    $ 200
  • Dance

    $ 200
  • Flag Football

    $ 150
  • Senior Cheer

    $ 50
  • Soccer

    $ 150
  • Track

    $ 175
  • Volleyball

    $ 150