Kindergarten through Second Grade

In kindergarten, students will be introduced to the three R’s of Westside: Respectful, Responsible, and Remarkable. Our goal for each student is for them to become responsible learners and respectful classmates. As the year goes on we enjoy introducing each student to the world of reading. We hope to create a love for reading and learning about the world around them. In first grade, the students will become more independent learners who use their critical thinking skills to solve problems. While working in small groups, the first graders will gain a deeper understanding of the books that they read and will begin to understand math concepts in a more deeper way.

Second graders will be moving beyond learning to read, and start reading to learn. They will be expanding their vocabulary and become students who can make inferences about texts. In math they will take what they have already learned and dig deeper, developing their problem-solving skills. Second graders at WACS are in student-driven classrooms that focus on project-based learning, intentionally connecting scholars with the community.

Kindergarten Curriculum Map

First Grade Curriculum Map

  • Q1 – 4
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Second Grade Curriculum Map