Enrichment Opportunities

Traditionally, information in a classroom flows from teacher to student for the purpose of absorption. This hierarchy of learning is increasingly rare at Westside. Students here are much more likely to be experimenting, discovering, and practicing with materials in the classroom and outside. They learn more often through exposure and interaction than through abstractions defined in advance for them to memorize. They often make something and share it as a way of solidifying their knowledge. They work together and alone, learning to respect and enjoy the individual learning styles and gifts of each classmate.


Music is alive and well at Westside! In addition to the state standards that are met at each grade level, we offer supplemental programs such as Honors Chorus and Band; both are after school programs. Honors Chorus members are selected via open tryouts and Band sign ups are open to all Westside students in grades 3rd – 7th.

We can’t wait to be making beautiful music all around Westside!!

Visual Arts

Art at Westside encourages students to be creative and think outside the box. In many ways, art gives students new perspectives, challenges their creativity and promotes higher levels of learning.

Here at Westside, the visual arts help students to experiment with new techniques while learning how to connect real world experiences to their creation. We create art that is personal within our curriculum at all grade levels while learning about art history. While working with state standards, we encourage our students to soar above mediocrity to produce work that is meaningful and has an impact on their overall learning experience.

Physical Education

Physical Education at Westside is filled with learning about fitness through challenging games, fine/gross motor skills and team work! Our goal is to educate children on the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle, while having fun!


Learning another language will not only provide great tools for students to communicate but it will also raise awareness that other countries and groups of people do things differently. Learning to communicate in another language will provide an opportunity for our children to succeed in a global society. We ensure that students receive quality instruction in the target language and give opportunities for cultural and linguistic enrichment through authentic interactions and engaging instructions.